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Over at Topless Robot they have compiled an incredible list of new animal power-ups for Mario to use in future games.  Not only did they come up with some interesting powers but they have great digital illustrations to compliment the list:

1.  Horse Mario - Powered by a sugar cube, Mario can run faster, jump higher and stomp on enemies with ease however he will smell like a horse.

2.  Elephant Mario - Snag a peanut and grant Mario with the ability of elephants.  Should you die from falling in a pit Mario would “remember” to bypass the accident and be allowed to pass the area with the cost of losing the power-up.

3.  Chameleon Mario - Eat some insects and turn Mario into a double jumping lizard king.  Having the additional ability to camouflage yourself into the background isn’t half bad either.

4.  Bigfoot Mario - Have Mario butt stomp some mysterious looking bushes and he reappears as the mythical creature powerful enough to rip up anything in the level not nailed down and use it as a weapon.

5.  Hedgehog Mario - Grabbing the iconic golden ring transforms Mario into the very, very,very fast blue hedgehog.  Note this power can only work in side scrolling Mario games as freedom of movement beyond that would make for a terrible game.

6.  Pangolin Mario - This power-up gives Mario the ability of an armored anteater.  He has scales, can roll downhill and…look, they can’t all be winners, ok?

7.  Sloth Mario -  This power-up is deceptive much like the Poison Mushroom and is more like a power-down.  Everything is super slowed down and should Mario come across a bush he must eat the entire plant before being allowed to continue on his way. 

8.  Jellyfish Mario - Shaking things up underwater, this power-up grants Mario nigh invulnerability with his weakness being his thin membrane hat.  It’s a small price to pay for gaining the ability to painfully kill your enemies underwater.  Getting stung by Mario’s new power leads to a gruesome, suffocating death in a watery grave.

9.  Kangaroo Mario - With this power Mario can super jump and throw joeys at enemies but those baby kangs aren’t powerful enough yet to kill enemies so they only stun them and still require Mario to finish the job. 

(Illustrations by Karen Chu)

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